Tuesday, February 10, 2009

To Fertilize or Not to Fertilize...That is the Question!

As an Arizona gardener, and having a year round growing season it's hard to know when your plants are supposed to be fed. However, I learned an easy way to remember when to fertilize ANY fruit tree here!

At a Citrus Clinic offered at one of our local Nurseries, we attended a class on fruit trees, both citrus and deciduous. The Extension Agent that taught the class said to just remember three holidays and fertilize on them. The three holiday's are, Valentines, Memorial, and Labor Day's. Now, how easy is that to remember?!?

So we will never have an excuse to not know when to feed those YUMMY fruit trees that give us so many treats!!!
Now, I just need an easy way to remember when to fertilize, the grass, garden, shrubs, palms, flowers... and so on and so on!
Happy gardening-Valentines Day is this Saturday!


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