Sunday, April 10, 2011

Neighborhood Markets, A New Way to Shop!

Vendors, taking their wares to Market!

Where do you go to shop? Just last weekend I was able to participate in two local Farmer's Markets. The Simple Farm's Vintage Barn Sale and Farmer's Market, and Boho Farm and Home Farmer's Market in Phoenix. First of all, I want to say that I think this is the new (old) way to shop. From the amazing turnout, other people are loving it too. It's local, personal, fresh and real. And, it's coming to a neighborhood near you! These garden markets are not easy to come by. The farmers/gardeners take months of work preparing their locations for what might look like a nice weekend picnic site. They are called micro-farms, small organic farms of ten acres or less that are emerging as the go-to place for healthy, organic food and specialty items. Not only that, these urban and suburban farms are a nice place for antique dealers, artisan and craftsmen to share their talents and wares with their own community. A neighborhood market is not just selling eggs, fruits and vegetables, jams and handmade soaps to our neighbors and friends. It's about planting, pruning, picking and tending animals. It's about research, time, and lots of passion. It is really all about placing something that one person has cultivated or made with their own hands, into the hands of another. These markets are all about relationships, they are as much a social event as a shopping trip! I want you to meet some of the people behind last weekends markets. Take a look at the activities and beauty of small farms, as they celebrate community, good food and friends.

Me, with Caroline of Boho Farm and Home at her  Farmers/Flea Market.

Just picked herbs were available at the market.
My daughters Aaryn and Caitlin at our Sweet Life Garden "store".

Korina, selling her fabulous Fru Fru Pops!

Nick, standing beside his amazing metal sculptures!
Kiara and her gang selling luscious whipped body butter!

Sarah creates the cutest magnetic bulletin boards.

Here's Emily, of  EA Designs and her beautiful burlap pillows, enjoying a fru fru pop.

 Here's The Simple Farm, a three acre organic  farm in north Scottsdale, Arizona
"Goods" from the Vintage Barn Sale.

Fresh Lavender is available at their farmers market!

A French Garden

And... of course french radishes!

Friends and fellow farmers, Michael and Lylah, they run this place!

Lylah and Anita, preparing for the farmers market.
Anita, gathering vegetables for the morning market.

We call this urban or suburban agriculture,
to find out more, check out The Simple Farm (for market day info.), Boho Farm and Home and the amazing talent we have right here in our community.
You'll like what you find!


Lylah Ledner said...

i love it!!!! you're the best...

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